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Wave Embossed Coffee Cups

Introducing our new Wave Embossed Coffee Cups.
Designed by the team at Tailored Packaging, these cups have a unique patented design to enhance consumer engagement.
Triple wall wave embossing ensures a better heat barrier performance.
8oz, 12oz and 16oz, Uni fit rim available



Pure Washroom Compressed Napkin

Refreshing, biodegradable, innovative.

The Pure Washroom Compressed Napkin is a modern take on an ancient tradition.The practise of offering a moist towel to your guests is a time-honoured Asian custom. Traditionally a cotton towel is used, however as western countries have adopted this tradition the need for a more hygienic, environmentally friendly alternative has emerged.
Cleansing your hands and face upon arrival or before and after a meal is an act of sanitation, meant to leave you feeling refreshed. This feeling of cleanliness is sometimes questioned when being offered a moist cotton towel. Cotton towels require regular and thorough cleaning. Pure Washroom Napkins are disposable and biodegradable, making them a more hygienic, environmentally friendly alternative.
The napkin in its compressed state is visually interesting. Watching it expand from a 2(d) x 1(h) cm tablet, to a full size 22(l) x 24(w) cm moist napkin is entertaining. Present the napkin on a stylish bamboo tray and use scented water to enhance the experience.
Recommended for restaurants, spas and other hospitality or entertainment venues that would like to take their guests comfort to the next level.



Tailored Packaging is pleased to introduce a new national range of take away containers and associated packaging products, Chanrol. Chanrol is Australian owned and manufacture a wide range of high quality Plastic Containers, Cups and Goblets, Dip Containers, Buckets and Pails, Tamper Evident Containers and Plastic Bowls and Plates. The Chanrol range compliments the existing Tailored Packaging range beautifully and is now available nationally.



Stainless Steel Pure Washroom Dispensers

The beautifully presented Pure Washroom stainless steel dispensers provide consumers with stylish and smooth delivery of high quality paper products. Pure Washroom Dispensers represent exceptional value for money and are easy to refill.

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